Diligence and Delivery.

Bloc’s people have spent the last decade establishing a strong reputation for quality craftsmanship, and diligence in commercial construction.

Once again, Bloc’s expertise in design management has been invaluable to successful delivery of high-end commercial buildings.

Bloc has delivered numerous high-quality commercial buildings for various clients including The Commonwealth Government of Australia. They have extensive Commonwealth Government procurement experience and provide strategic advice to their clients when delivering integrated projects for Commonwealth organisations. With uncompromising ethical, design and security standards, Bloc has worked collaboratively with various Government entities to delivery high-profile public buildings.


The best of the best. Unsurpassed Experience.

Bloc have created thousands of residences for various markets and clientele. Bloc’s Directors have unsurpassed residential experience, particularly in the Canberra region. This experience spans custom designed luxury dwellings, townhouses and units together with extensive construction of high-end and high-density apartments.

Bloc’s unique experience in residential design allows for construction and design management to fit to any environment, budget and scope. Bloc works with its clients, architects and sub-contractors to craft beautiful residences that are highly desirable for investors and owner-occupiers and make a lasting impact on the architectural landscape.

Retail and Refurbishment

No detail too small, no challenge too big.

Bloc has been responsible for the delivery of numerous retail and hotel spaces throughout the ACT and interstate, working with each client to develop a design and feel that adds to their brand and ensures the success of the project long term.

Bloc understands that retail projects require immense planning for future use and activation.

Ensuring flawless design management and execution is key to achieving desired results in retail projects.

Whether you have a brand new business and a raw space that needs to be completed, or you are looking to enhance your corporate environment by updating your existing space, working with the experts at Bloc Construction will transform your location into a dynamic, inviting destination that visitors, guests, staff and customers will love and return to, again and again.

Bloc take great pride in the refurbishment of iconic buildings and the reuse of existing spaces. To date, Bloc has worked on a number of significant local high quality fitouts including Access Economics, Capital Day Surgical Centre, Dataflex, ISIS Fertility Clinic, Yellow Edge and various Government Departments.

Construction Management

Advise, manage, lead.

Bloc offers Construction Management services including cost plus, GMP and lump sum.  We also have extensive project procurement experience and can provide strategic advice to our clients throughout the construction process to ensure they have the best advice and best outcome.

A key service provided by Bloc is early stage design input to ensure low cost design elements including layout, structural systems, building fabric and finishes.  Clients work with the Bloc design management team from pre-design approval stage to ensure that the end product is as efficient as possible.  Bloc’s in-house knowledge of the costs and benefits associated with construction materials and techniques allow the design process to move quickly whilst achieving the best value for money.

Occupational Health and Safety

BLOC commits to continual improvement in our health and safety performance and strives to ensure our projects are managed in such a way that our employees, Contractors and visitors are safe and free from harm.

Our principle health and safety objective’s are, as is far as is reasonably practicable, to:

  • provide a safe place of work for all employees of the company, those of our subcontractors and members of the public during the course of our activities;
  • maintain compliance with applicable OHS statutory legal requirements;
  • co-operate with statutory and non statutory bodies concerning health and safety;
  • ensure project personnel have the necessary competencies to undertake the work in a safe manner;
  • encourage employees of the company to be aware of the importance and conformance with statutory requirements and Company OHS policy;
  • undertake a consultative approach to all OHS issues with the aim of continually improving the OHSEMS and its implementation; and
  • establish measurable objectives and key performance indicators (KPI’s) for the aim of continual improvement and elimination of workplace injuries and illness.

To achieve the health and safety objectives BLOC shall:

  • implement and maintain the Occupational, Health, Safety and Environmental Management System (OHS&EMS);
  • provide ongoing training for all employees of the company;
  • establish consultative arrangements such as a safety committee, safety representative or other agreed arrangements as agreed with the workforce;
  • conduct periodic site inspections to verify the effective implementation of the OHSEMS, its procedures and SWMS;
  • maintain AS 4801 and OFSC compliance and certification;
  • provide continually reporting on the performance of the OHSEMS; and
  • continually review/audit the performance (at least annually) of the OHSEMS to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness.

Bloc holds Australian Standard 4801 accreditation in OH&S, ISO 14001 Environmental accreditation and accreditation under the Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner. The ongoing implementation of the Bloc OHS&EMS by Bloc’s safety manager with the support of the Bloc board of directors affords Bloc a strong safety culture throughout the business.


At BLOC, we are committed to ensuring that all activities resulting from our business/operations are carried out in such a manner as to either eliminate, control or minimize the impact on the immediate and wider environment.

It is the policy of BLOC to continually improve its environmental management, to prevent pollution and to ensure that all workplaces are free of environmental incidents which impact on air, water, soil, natural resources, flora, fauna and people

This commitment is realised by specific environmental accountability written into manager positions within the company. Environmental performance will be regularly reviewed and targets and objectives are adjusted to maintain continual improvement.

Our principle environmental objective’s are, as is far as is reasonably practicable, to:

  • place the protection of the environment, as one of its highest priorities;
  • maintain compliance with applicable environmental statutory legal requirements;
  • promote a positive culture of environmental awareness; and
  • strive for continual improvement in the prevention of pollution.

To achieve the environmental objectives BLOC shall:

  • take into account relevant health, safety and environment standards, codes, guides and good practices in environmental procedures;
  • operate in compliance with appropriate environmental laws and principles;
  • establish and review environmental objectives and targets appropriate to the organisation’s activities, products and services;
  • provide training to ensure staff understand and implement this policy;
  • provide verifiable evidence of the fulfilment of this policy through a program of monitoring, audits and regular reporting of results;
  • ensure that all its activities comply with the OHSEMS;
  • maintain ISO 14001 compliance and certification;
  • provide on-going dialogue with BLOC staff, employees, client stakeholders and the community, as required, on this policy and its implementation and
  • make this policy available to those persons as listed above.

BLOC recognises the co-operation of all employees, contractors and visitors while on BLOC sites is paramount to the success of BLOC’s environmental endeavourers and the implementation of this Environmental Policy

Bloc are experienced in complying with NABERS and Greenstar obligations. Bloc have successfully delivered Greenstar As-built rated projects. Including the Doris Blackburn Building for DHS, the ATO building in Albury and the Sirius Building for the Department of Health and Ageing. All of these projects were also part of the NABERS scheme and successfully complied with targeted energy consumption requirements.


Bloc operates under a Business Management System (BMS) developed and implemented by the Bloc board of Directors to ensure that Bloc projects are delivered in a consistent manner that is focused on Quality outcomes.  The Bloc BMS carries ISO14001 accreditation and is operated on all Bloc projects.  The system offers essential checks and balances throughout all stages of project delivery to ensure that high quality design detailing and construction methods are produced consistently by the Bloc team.  Key to the BMS is the daily ongoing input that Bloc directors have a site to level guiding and mentoring staff and ensuring the BMS is being implemented.

Bloc Accreditations

Bloc holds accreditation under the following International Standards Organisation and Australian Standards: